Where Have You Gone?
You’d be surprised to learn where many of your fellow Golden Eagles have landed. Take a look for yourself as the Brockport alumni base truly spans the nation. (Click on map below to view a larger image.)


Brockport’s Alumni Chapters: The Complete Story
Much like a novel in which individual chapters unite to form a complete story, Brockport’s alumni chapters combine to form a great representation of the alumni narrative. And similar to the chapters of a book, where significant content warrants its own section, each of Brockport’s alumni chapters also merits its own attention. The alumni office is working to build stronger and more connected groups in our regional efforts, and we need your help to make it happen. Be a part of the story – get connected and get involved today!

How do I become a member of the chapter?
Quite simply, almost nothing! Upon graduating from Brockport, all alumni automatically become members of the Alumni Association and if you’re living in or around any of the chapter cities (Albany, Boston, Buffalo, New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, Washington DC), then you are in the mix. Visit your chapter's alumni site (below) for more details and to join your chapter Facebook group.

What do the chapters do for Brockport?
Alumni participation in the chapters supports the work of the College by providing social and educational programs; career networking; encouraging prospective students; promoting financial support; and enhancing the reputation of The College at Brockport through added visibility in the community.

How do I get involved in a chapter?

Contact your chapter alumni volunteers or the alumni office. We are always looking to increase our volunteer base.

What if I’m not near a chapter?
Although the chapters exist in specific areas, the alumni office is dedicated to providing opportunities for alumni in other areas. Are you interested in helping to connect alumni in your area? Please contact the alumni office at or (585) 395-2068.

Current Brockport Alumni Chapters

Albany, NY

Boston, MA

Buffalo, NY

New York City, NY

Philadelphia, PA

Syracuse, NY

Washington, DC