Scholarships at Brockport

Each year, The College at Brockport provides nearly $2.5 million in scholarship assistance to more than 700 students. It offers scholarships through the Brockport Foundation and through the Extraordinary Academic Scholarship Program, which automatically makes awards based on a student’s high school grades and scores on national achievement tests.

The Brockport Foundation manages approximately 400 scholarships and awards created through the generosity of alumni, friends, emeriti, faculty and staff. These scholarships require a separate application and recognize incoming or current students with campus-wide or individual departmental awards.


For a list of Brockport Foundation Scholarships, click here.


Scholarships for 2016-17

The scholarship application process for the 2016-17 academic year ended on February 15.  Notification of scholarship recipients will continue through the end of April.

In the fall, please watch for posters, ads in The Stylus and other on-campus reminders to apply for Brockport Foundation scholarships. You can also check our Facebook page for information on how to apply, qualifications and any changes to the application process.

How To Apply

AcademicWorks is the on-line system used by The College at Brockport to apply for scholarships and awards. In the system, you will fill out a general application, request 2 letters of recommendation, and upload a scholarship essay. By filling out the general application and supplying the supporting materials you will be automatically matched to scholarship opportunities. You will also be recommended to additional scholarship opportunities that may require you to answer additional questions or include additional supporting materials.

To begin the application process, click here.

Student Sign-in Instructions

Current and new students who have paid their advance deposit should sign in using their full Brockport email address ( and create a password.  Please use ‘’ instead of ‘’ Potential new students should sign in with the email address used on your Common Application and create a password.
Please note: Additional information about Brockport email accounts and NetID is available at:

Need Help with AcademicWorks?

  • Students
Check out our AcademicWorks Applicant Manual.
Contact the Brockport Foundation Scholarship Office at or 585-395-5105
  • Reviewers
If you’re a scholarship reviewer and need help, check out our AcademicWorks Reviewer Manual.
Contact the Brockport Foundation Scholarship Office at or 585-395-5105

Scholarship Application Deadlines
Scholarship deadlines for the 2015-16 academic year have passed. Please check back after September 1, 2015, to view the application schedule for the 2016-17 academic year.

Thank You Letter
Students receiving a Foundation Scholarship are asked to write a thank you letter. This letter honors the generosity of the scholarship donor. Thank you notes give our supporters the opportunity to see how their gifts impact the lives of student recipients. As a result, these letters are an integral part of the scholarship process. In some cases, failure to complete a thank you letter may result in the loss of an award.

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