Mornings with the Professors


Welcome to Mornings with the Professors, which features College faculty and staff presentations on interesting and important issues. The program features eight sessions and will run from February 16 through April 12, with a break March 15. Each of the sessions will be offered from 9:30-11 am on Tuesdays. A continental breakfast will be provided so join us and bring a friend! We think you will find your time spent with us to be meaningful, informative and entertaining.

We are very pleased to continue our presentations at the Special Events Recreation Center (SERC) at the Eagle’s Lookout. Parking will be available in Lot U. We look forward to seeing you there!

Event series sponsored by Senior's Choice Communities.

Spring 2016 Schedule

February 16 - The Four Freedoms: Looking Back 75 Years in Word and Image
As we look back 75 years to the days before America’s entry into World War II, there were ominous clouds on the horizon. In his 1941 State of the Union Address, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was clearly preparing our country for war as he spelled out key American values: Freedom of Speech, Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear, and Freedom to Worship According to the Dictates of One’s Own Conscience. What became known as FDR’s “Four Freedoms” speech was later made famous in a series of paintings by artist Norman Rockwell for The Saturday Evening Post. This presentation will examine FDR’s words, Rockwell’s paintings and the little-known photos of Rochester photographer Ralph Amdursky and how each of them typified America’s wartime ideals. Participants will be asked to consider the words and images presented and why they resonated so well with the American public.
Dale Hartnett, Interim Administrator, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) 

February 23 - A Brockport Nursing Professor's Experience of Working in the Ebola Crisis in West Africa
A discussion of the tone in the U.S. regarding health care workers volunteering to work in West Africa during the Ebola crisis, the challenges of treating Ebola in low-resource settings, and lessons learned from being a part of an international health team in the West African Ebola outbreak.
Dr. Amanda Coyle, Assistant Professor, Nursing

March 1 - “Objectifying” Children’s Literature: 3D Printing as a Gateway to Historical Context Researchy
Join us to hear about how students in Fall 2015’s Children’s Literature: Magical Journeys course were encouraged to choose an object from one of the texts we read together. They then researched the object’s historical and cultural importance and linked the object’s significance to the text. Finally, students 3D-printed their objects to demonstrate their focus and the technological context of reading these books in 2015. Includes students who will show their objects and discuss their research into Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Harry Potter, The Magic Bed-Knob, and more. 
Dr. Meg A. Norcia, Assistant professor, English
Kenneth Wierzbowski, Systems and Assessment Librarian

March 8 - Relicts of a Beautiful Sea: On the Value of Rare and Endangered Species  
This presentation will use material from Dr. Norment's recent book of creative nonfiction, Relicts of a Beautiful Sea, to explore ethical and practical issues of conservation: just what are rare and endangered species worth, why are they rare, and what would the cost of their extinctions be? Although Relicts of a Beautiful Sea is focused on six rare desert species endemic to the Death Valley region of California and Nevada, this presentation has much broader implications - as a celebration of ecology and evolutionary history, as a primer on water use and development in the arid Southwest, and as an argument for biodiversity conservation in this time of increased peril for many species, which has been described as the “Sixth Wave” of extinction.
Dr. Christopher Norment, Professor and Chair, Environmental Science & Biology

March 22 - When Did the Civil War End?

The country just celebrated the 150th Anniversary of Lee's surrender at Appomattox in April 9th, 1865, but this was not the end of the Civil War. When did it end? Good question. Andrew Johnson did not declare the war over until August of 1866! Does a president saying a war is over mean it is over? Dr. John Daly presents material from his new book that documents how the war continued until 1877 and how the heroes of the war from 1865-1877 have been ignored by history but are beginning to get their monuments and biographers..
Dr. John Daly, Associate Professor, History

March 29 - Dr. Wanda Does the Olympics
The discussion will focus on Dr. Wakefield's experiences as an international luge official and how that relates to the work she does as an historian.
Dr. Wanda Wakefield, Associate Professor, Delta College 

April 5 - International Involvement and Faculty Impact
There will be a brief summary of what Brockport is accomplishing in Study Abroad and International Recruitment. This will be followed by a discussion of where we go from here as well as what changes and enhancements faculty would recommend.
Dr. Ralph Trecartin, Assistant Provost for International Education

April 12 - A Legal Alien: Living and Working Abroad
President Macpherson spent over two decades as an American expatriate, working in the UK higher education system and ‘learning to learn’ and ‘learning to live’ in a new country. As a permanent resident, she was afforded ‘home student’ status when she undertook her Ph.D. in England and had no restrictions on her employment. She has found that her transatlantic perspective affected everything from her relationship with her home town(s) to her research and teaching, working for four different UK universities (and at one study abroad consortium). Her transatlantic perspective remains, since she is now a Brit living in the US….having once been just an American living in the UK. Her dual-nationality and the choice she made to add a second nationality to her birth nationality required her to fundamentally rethink her relationship to both cultures.
Dr. Heidi Slettedahl Macpherson, President, The College at Brockport

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