Ernest C. Hartwell Society

The Brockport Alumni Association Ernest C. Hartwell Society

The society is named for Dr. Ernest C. Hartwell, who from 1936 to 1944 served as principal of the Brockport Normal School and president when the Normal School became State Teachers College and a degree-granting institution.

Through Dr. Hartwell's untiring, forceful leadership in mobilizing the "Committee of One Hundred" (a committee of local, county and state representatives, and the Brockport Normal Alumni Association), the school at Brockport was saved from being closed permanently or incorporated at another location.

Old buildings were razed as new units of Hartwell Hall were built. Outstanding faculty, modern facilities and sweeping curriculum changes paved the way for our College to remain in Brockport, thus ensuring its growth and development as one of the leading arts and sciences colleges in the State University of New York.

The Ernest C. Hartwell Society was created to recognize alumni who have graduated 50 years ago or more. Its name was recommended by the Class of 1944 during its Golden Anniversary celebration to provide an opportunity to honor a very loyal, supportive group of Brockport graduates.

Members of the 50th Anniversary class are inducted into the society every year during Alumni Reunion. Names of society inductees are recorded in the Golden Heritage Book each year. This book is permanently housed in the College Archives in Drake Memorial Library at the College.

Congratulations to the 2015 inductees, the Class of 1965!