Alumni Spotlight

Nominate - Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight - Jose Benitez '88
Jose Benitez ’88 has more than 20 years of experience working in the HIV community as a provider and advocate.

Alumni Spotlight - Donna Kaz '76
Donna Kaz '76 addresses “women’s identity and place in the world” through her talents in writing and theatre.

Alumni Spotlight - Michael Herman ’05 and Rachael Yoder ’11
Michael Herman ’05 and Rachael Yoder ’11 are dedicated to serving humanity on a global scale.

Alumni Spotlight - Hank Moshano ’48
Hank Moshano ’48 is an extraordinary member of The College at Brockport family, an educator of the highest caliber, and an admired veteran.

Alumni Spotlight - Brigid Harrigan ’05/’11
For Brigid Harrigan ’05/’11, conquering new experiences is just another day at the office.

Alumni Spotlight - Brian Cavanaugh '75
From player, to coach, to athletic director; Brian Cavanaugh ’75 has climbed the sports world hierarchy.

Alumni Spotlight - Denise Sullivan '74
A deeply-rooted passion for work is what drives Denise Sullivan ’74 to achieve her best in her career.

Alumni Spotlight - Michelle Ebert '01
For Greece Arcadia high school teacher, Michelle Ebert '01, hard work is the foundation on which she created a career she could be passionate about.

Alumni Spotlight - Carla Virgilio ’09
Carla Virgilio ’09 believes she was destined to attend The College at Brockport. Between living near the College and having a politically active family, it was almost inevitable she would major in political science.

Alumni Spotlight - Momchil Kyurkchiev ’07
What does it take to be the CEO of a multi-million-dollar software company? For Momchil Kyurkchiev ’07, it took three majors, two internships, and one very ambitious but achievable master plan.

Alumni Spotlight - George Mantzidis ’07
George Mantzidis ’07 took full advantage of all the professional guidance and advice available from his professors at The College at Brockport.

Alumni Spotlight - Antoine Thompson ’93
When Antoine Thompson ’93 recalls his time at The College at Brockport, he remembers a supportive campus community that guided him to success as a student, politician, and real estate executive.

Alumni Spotlight - Kenny Koperda ’08
Kenny Koperda ’08 has worked with three professional sports teams, received six promotions, and is only seven years out of The College at Brockport.

Alumni Spotlight - Caitlin Roberts ’08
Caitlin Roberts ’08 has found success in a profession she loves: Producing and managing marketing projects for high profile companies.

Alumni Spotlight - Matt Walther '04
School counselor by day, fitness trainer by night. Matt Walther's Brockport experience prepared him for successful careers in secondary education and physical fitness.

Alumni Spotlight - Kevin Kelly ’15
Kevin Kelly has been working in his field of study since his freshman year at The College at Brockport.

Alumni Spotlight - Katie DeTar ’02
Katie DeTar graduated from The College at Brockport in 2002 with a degree in Journalism along with a minor in Women’s Studies.

Alumni Spotlight - Sonja Livingston '93/'97
Sonja Livingston is currently an assistant professor at the University of Memphis where she teaches creative writing.

Alumni Spotlight - Matt Mescall ’11
In the summer of 2009, undergraduate Matt Mescall, along with then-graduate student and fellow Golden Eagle Justin Haegele ’07/’09, took a cross-country road trip to Anchorage, AK. The trip proved to reveal Matt’s true calling.

Alumni Spotlight - Margo Wiedrich-Smith '91
Brockport is now a family tradition for the Smith family. On May 16, 2015, Brian ’91 and Margo ’91 Smith’s son, Zak Smith ’15, graduated from The College at Brockport.

Alumni Spotlight - Phil Kurimski ’97
Phil Kurimski always dreamed of becoming a meteorologist. Choosing a college to help fulfill that dream was an easy one.

Alumni Spotlight - Meghan Albers '13
Faculty mentors and the Delta College Program at The College at Brockport paid dividends for Meghan Albers’ professional success.

Alumni Spotlight - Lori Swift-Brockway '12
Aim for the Moon. If you miss, you’ll land among the stars. That’s exactly where Lori Swift-Brockway ’12 landed; as a Security Analyst (for a.i solutions) at NASA.

Alumni Spotlight - Justin Oliver '09/'14
Forget Disney World or Darien Lake. Brockport was the greatest theme park Justin ever experienced!

Alumni Spotlight - Nick Catanzaro '06
As a 2006 graduate and a current member of the Brockport Alumni Association, Nick looks back at his time at Brockport as being the place that has shaped his professional career.