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Brockport Foundation recognized
The Brockport Foundation was recently recognized with a Gold Seal of Transparency by GuideStar, the world’s largest source of information on non-profit organizations.
When the Alpha Epsilon broadcasting club did a videotaping rally to support the troops in the Gulf War in 1991!
- Favorite Bport Memory: Jody Porter Frawley '91
Brockport has granted me lifelong friends/family.
- Favorite Bport Memory: Todd Palmatier '96
The Leadership Conference!
- Favorite Bport Memory: Abbey Rossman '17
Winning the SUNYAC championship in basketball with my best friends!
- Favorite Bport Memory: Katie Lynn
Music, the amazing wealth of knowledge about life via the words put to music by poetic artists WBSU baby!
- Favorite Bport Memory: Tiger Messina-Provost '84
Taking a group of bright young Habitat for Humanity volunteers to Miami, FL, to help build houses during 2015's spring break.
- Favorite Bport Memory: Tamekia Shell '15
I was working on campus at the Rec Center life guarding and teaching swim lessons. My education provided me the knowledges and working on campus provided me the experience to get a job out of college.
- Favorite Bport Memory: Melanie Oyer '08
My husband proposed in the third floor lounge of Dobson Hall—where we first met in college!
- Favorite Bport Memory: Erika Kristine
Practicing on the beam during Educational Gymnastics with Feeney while Santana was blaring!
- Favorite Bport Memory: Heather Alberico Pezdek '01
Brock the Port 2010, The Kid Cudi concert, and the Lupe Fiasco concert were my favorite events! I was a transfer coming in that year and can easily say that the years of 2010 to 2013 when I graduated were the best years of my life.
- Favorite Bport Memory: Michael Thomas '13
Karen at Harrison always greeting me. Hey buddy!!!
- Favorite Bport Memory: Leanne (Oneil) Regan '09
Being the keynote speaker for the 2005 Empire State Games.
- Favorite Bport Memory: John Stoffel '10
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Doyle is making waves in radio and beyond.
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