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Read a scrapbook-style review of the College community's summer experiences. Get to know our new students, including lifelong and multicultural learners. See what's new in sports, the arts, College history, and much more.
Volunteer Opportunity: West Woods Cleanup
On Saturday, September 23, help clean up West Woods near campus.
What's your favorite Bport memory?
On Facebook, we recently asked our followers for their favorite move-in memories, now featured below. Next, we're asking for your favorite general Brockport memories. Share yours using #bportmemory or by commenting on our Facebook page for a chance to be featured!
I met so many great people and my best friend!
- Move-in Day Memory: Melanie Oyer '08
Moving in freshman year (2010) and watching as the entire RA staff, including the RD Don Bigelow, sing at the top of their lungs to a song on the radio (I think it might have been a Paramore song).
- Move-in Day Memory: Mani Nile '15
Automatically acting like we've known each other forever.
- Move-in Day Memory: Krystal Laird '16
Ashley Quinn was the artsy type and she called me a jock. We both thought it would be a terrible experience. I moved into the room first. She walked in and the first words she said to me were "Wow. You brought a huge jar of pickles. We're going to be best friends." And here we are...6 years later. Still friends ❤❤
- Move-in Day Memory: Jen Roeske '15
Barb remembering my name and hundreds of others when I got my meal on campus. She was awesome!
- Move-in Day Memory: Renee Clark '03
I was a transfer going into my junior year and was nervous like no other. I attended orientation and met some fantastic people, and by the end of that session, I felt like I was home.
- Move-in Day Memory: Heather Alberico Pezdek '01
Seeing my future husband for the first time and telling my friend that was the guy I was going to marry one day. 💗
- Move-in Day Memory: Becky (DuVarney) Decker '11
When I opened the door, my roommate embraced me with the biggest hug and smile ever, which melted away all my fears of starting college! Five years later, we are still the best of friends, and I am her bridesmaid in her wedding this fall!
- Move-in Day Memory: Brittney Kiely '15
Moving to a college 5 hours from home was nerve racking, but seeing a beautiful campus and meeting my welcoming RA made it easier. I was on a floor with a small number of girls that made it easy to meet friends. Our floor quickly turned into one big family. I still keep in touch with girls from that floor!
- Move-in Day Memory: Taylor Dickson '16
Moving in early for Honors peer mentor training with Amanda Dianetti, getting the dorms all to ourselves, and re-arranging our room multiple times to ensure we were using the space we had the most efficient way 😂
- Move-in Day Memory: Adina Schoeneman '15
Bunk bed shenanigans, Nermala, pianos, road trips...& pancakes!
- Move-in Day Memory: Amy Lauren
BSG and Advancement provide opportunities as a team
Elisha Madison (left), president of the Brockport Student Government, signed the revised agreement updating the organization’s scholarship with Mike Andriatch, president of the Brockport Foundation and vice president for Advancement.

The revised agreement outlines an annual award for one incoming student while ensuring that the BSG will be represented during the review process.
National ranking: Best Colleges for Your Money
Money Magazine ranked us No. 93 (out of 2,400 colleges nationwide) on its list of Best Colleges for Your Money. Read about it.
Eagle Talks
Through our Eagle Talks program, Brockport alumni had a blast speaking with incoming students at Summer Orientation sessions. If you're interested in volunteering to be an alumni speaker at one of next summer's orientations, or at another event during the academic year, contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at
Better Community Statement
Hear the statement, a declaration of our values and beliefs, told by faculty, staff, and students. Thank you for being part of our community.
Eagle Links
Have a job opportunity for alumni or current students? Share it in the Jobs section of Eagle Links, to which nearly 4,000 members of the Golden Eagle network are connected.